Entertainer Through The Years A  LOVE STORY.......A MAN’S DYING WISH AND HOW THIS CD, THROUGH THE YEARS, CAME ABOUT................................................... MARK BOWDEN was one of Australia’s top musicians. He was married to singer/entertainer,Sylvia Raye for 37 years.  This is their story and that of Mark’s son Grant. Sylvia and Mark’s romance started in Vietnam in1970 when both were on tour with an ABC concert party, Mark the drummer in the ABC Showband, Sylvia  one of the performers. Grant is a senior executive with degrees  in electoral engineering and computer science. He has a love of music, studied opera and continues to sing as a hobby. Although most of the tracks on this CD had been recorded in the music room of their home just weeks before Mark died, Sylvia and Grant decided to work with fellow musician, recording producer and friend Russell Finch, to bring the CD up to a quality Mark would have wanted.  Russell has added to Mark’s arrangements and has also written some new arrangements for this project. Sylvia and Grant are grateful for Russell’s sensitivity and encouragement and worked together to make sure the integrity of what Mark was trying to achieve has not been lost. Mark chose all the songs on this CD. He said, it’s all about the lyrics, about love and the nice things in life. Traumatised and emotionally drained, Sylvia who was nursing Mark at home, was reluctant to sing, however just one month before Mark passed away Sylvia agreed to sing with Grant, WHEN YOU TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME, saying “One take, I will only do one take.”  This is now the feature track on this CD. Mark’s dying wish was at last fulfilled, however he had one more request.  He told Grant he wanted the duets played at his funeral and that he was tell everyone there the words were from him to Sylvia, the love of his life. Weeks later, Alan Jones AO and Australia’s number one broadcaster was at a friend’s place for dinner.  It just so happened they were also friends of Sylvia and Mark, has attended Mark’s funeral and asked for a copy of the CD. They played the CD to Alan. He then invited Sylvia to be a guest on his radio program. Alan wanted to share this story and their music with his listeners. After playing WHEN YOU TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME the reaction was such they realised they had something very special, something that touched the hearts of many. Although a very personal situation Sylvia and Grant have now decided to tell their story and share their music.       In Memory of Mark Bowden. A great musician, husband, father and mentor to his students. one who is now percussionist      with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.