After Vietnam It was a pleasure and an  honour to have designed the banner entertainers march under on Anzac Day. The Forces Entertainment Association (FEA) invites all those entertainers who entertained our troops in theatres of war post Korea, to join us on this special day. Jim Bourke OAM is the founder of Operation Aussies Home, a group of Vietnam Veterans dedicated to finding the remains of the six Missing in Action from the Vietnam War. The remains of Richard Parker,  Peter Gillson, David Fisher and John Gillespie have been found and returned to Australia and their families. The plane along with the remains of Michael Herbert and Robert Carver has been found.  This is wonderful news for the families.  The repatriation will be at Richmond Airbase on the 31st August, commencing 1000 hours. Sylvia became a member of  OAH having been at the Phang Rang Airbase with an ABC Concert Party on the 3rd November 1970,  the night these two men went missing.                           May they Rest in Peace. Courtesy of the Woman’s Day Photo by David Hahn Sylvia    Jim    Dinah    Lorrae Entertainer Email Maxine McKew MP      Sylvia   and Alan Griffin Minister  for Veteran Affairs                                                                                             Michael Herbert Robert Carver